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We want to inform that next February 12 will be in the next edition of EXPOPLAYA (40th Exhibition of Hotel and Beach Items) at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Torremolinos, at booth # 60 .We have prepared very interesting proposals and we invite that you are stopping at our stand. Throughout the day we will be doing demonstrations so you can see the potential of TPV Beach, program management bars, hammocks and water.
You can take the opportunity to acquire TPV Beach at a price unbeatable fair.
We hope your visit

As you know this year we participated in the 40th edition of Expoplaya in Torremolinos. We have had the opportunity to make known our TPV Beach tool and are very pleased with the results and synergies, because as the newspaper says La opinión De Málaga , management software and collection are the major developments that have occurred in this editing and makes a mention of our product TPV Beach, which has been leading innovation part to contribute as little given to the technology sector.


As La Opinión de Málaga says, beaches and the bars are a sector hitherto anchored in notepad and pen, but in this new edition of the show Expoplaya new computerized systems for the management of these catering establishments offered, as TPV Beach offers , which covered the need in this sector, since through it can be all business control beach, from beach bars to hammocks and water, all by an android terminal and a portable printer.


Today innovation is very important in all sectors, since the implementation of intelligent systems streamlines and controls all transactions of a business.

That is why we always try to innovate our products, to adapt them to the digital era.

Source: La Opinión de Malaga

En el mundo de los negocios, de cualquier tipo, incluso en la gestión de concesiones de playas, es de vital importancia llevar un buen control de nuestros recursos. Para poder llevar a cabo esta gestión de recursos es de vital importancia un buen software de gestión.

La informatización de la gestión de playas, es un proceso que en una primera visión, puede parecer complicado y difícil de amortizar, pero nada más lejos de la realidad, la implantación de un buen software de gestión puede proporcionarle seguridad, velocidad y ahorro en la gestión de sus playas.

Hoy en día las tecnologías de mobilidad

playa postiguet

playa postiguet2
playa postiguet3

We have the experience to manage beaches as Postiguet in Alicante which has an area of about 1 km in length, 7 sectors with sunbeds, shades, pergolas and chairs.

With item count of 1400 hammocks, 500 shadows, 400 chairs and 60 pergolas, reservations, tickets and a massive influx of tourists, is led by 6 workers which began with no prior experience. The system is easy to learn and control ticketing and reservations into beach at daily management is very simple. With regard to productivity of the beach has contemplated an increase of 15% compared to the old billing system with manual tickets.

The online troubleshooting has provided customers services previously unknown on the beaches, management of ID cards for children, emergency telephones, lost property, location of available locations without displacement, information usage rules.