Our product. The best solution for the management of its beaches.

Our beach management software consists of two distinct applications:

  • A mobile application for work in beach collectors or controllers of rentable products or to sell (sunbeds, umbrellas, gazebos, water, etc).
  • Another desktop application to the managers. Since this may lead the whole business management as well as controlling from this dipositive different phones.

The mobile application

Using a tracking system by sector and rentable objects may organize their beach in a logical form, and control their resources at all times.

Each collector is assigned a group of specific sectors where he can rent and sell all kinds of items on each.

Using a portable printer is printed a receipt or ticket for the customer when making a rental or a sale, so the customer has proof of rent and beach managers can at any time check the status of your beach.

The application works in offline mode and uses the 3G, 2G or WiFi to send the necessary information, ie, the operator works even without internet coverage and when the device finds connection send data accumulated so far.

The management desktop application

The manager controls the beach through this application and all operations of your business.

On one hand we set our mode. We can control each of the sectors of beaches with which we will work, assign employees to these sectors and terminals or devices you are going to use. Define which items are going to rent, prices, etc.

Once configured and working as we can see in real time the evolution of our business, sales, state of our beaches, statistics.

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