Successful cases in beach management. El postiguet

playa postiguet

playa postiguet2
playa postiguet3

We have the experience to manage beaches as Postiguet in Alicante which has an area of about 1 km in length, 7 sectors with sunbeds, shades, pergolas and chairs.

With item count of 1400 hammocks, 500 shadows, 400 chairs and 60 pergolas, reservations, tickets and a massive influx of tourists, is led by 6 workers which began with no prior experience. The system is easy to learn and control ticketing and reservations into beach at daily management is very simple. With regard to productivity of the beach has contemplated an increase of 15% compared to the old billing system with manual tickets.

The online troubleshooting has provided customers services previously unknown on the beaches, management of ID cards for children, emergency telephones, lost property, location of available locations without displacement, information usage rules.


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